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Les Carrières de Lumières
Vincent van Gogh

Barbentane Olive Oil Mill
26 March 2019
As of 1 March 2019, the Carrières de Lumières is exhibiting the works of Vincent van Gogh (1853–1890), who painted more than 2,000 pictures—which are now scattered around the world—in the last ten years of his life. The new audio and visual exhibition, projected on a surface area of 7,000 m2 in the Carrières, retraces the intense life of the artist, who was fascinated by the warm and bright colours of Provence.
À travers un parcours thématique, le visiteur découvre l’immense production de Van Gogh qui évolue au fil des ans. Le soleil de Provence, qui a révolutionné sa manière de peindre, illumine l’espace gigantesque des Carrières. Les coups de brosse expressifs et les couleurs audacieuses se révèlent sur les murs des Carrières, soulignant un dialogue permanent entre l’ombre et la lumière.
Via a thematic itinerary, visitors will discover van Gogh’s prodigious oeuvre, which developed over the years. The Provençal sun, which revolutionised his approach to painting, will illuminate the enormous space in the Carrières. The expressive brushstrokes and bold colours will be highlighted on the walls of the Carrières, highlighting a permanent dialogue between light and shadow.
Between two screenings of ‘Van Gogh: Starry Night’ there will be a short programme focusing on Japanese art.
Dreamed Japan: Images of the Floating World’ offers visitors a journey into the Japan of the collective imagination—the Japan of the geishas, samurai warriors, and spirits.

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