The canyons of the Verdon river
A 110 miles long torrent

A breathtaking landscape

The name of this torrent, the Verdon, is linked to the green emerald colour of its water. Over billions of years the water of this torrent ate the chalky soil away and thus created this canyon and its breath-taking landscape with eagles and vultures. The bus tour is will take you all along the canyons and lead you to the little village of Moustiers-Sainte-Marie.

This little village, on the very top of two cliffs linked by a chain suspending a metal star, looks like a Provençal Christmas crèche. According to the Nobel Prize laureate author Frédéric Mistral, the star is dedicated to mother Mary and was put here by a crusader after a very dangerous expedition.

Moustiers is also the birthplace at the end of the Middle Ages of very refined ceramics. In the beginning only green and brown colours were available but in 1668 Pierre Clérissy introduced more colours in this glazed earthenware and these ceramics are still very much known in Europe.